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Post-Closing Content

May 30, 2022

EPM Wholesale
EPM | Post-Closing Content

After you close on a new mortgage or a refinance, do your borrowers go on their merry way, forgetting all about you?

Keeping that relationship active will not only improve your word-of-mouth marketing but also ensure that you are the first person borrowers turn to when they need to refinance or buy a new home. Although you may have given keychains, coffee gift cards with your contact info, or other tchotchkes in the past, helpful content can do a better job of keeping you top-of-mind for the long term.

Here are some content ideas to keep your borrowers interested in what you’re doing.

Mortgage Trends

Borrowers who have been in their homes for a while might be considering refinancing. But with all the information out there, they may not know when is a good time or what it takes to refinance a loan. If you can boil down the current trends in mortgages—including rates, different types of mortgage loans, and when a homeowner might want to refinance —then you can make sure you are the person your borrowers see as the expert they need to keep in touch with.

Home Improvement Ideas

Many homeowners think any improvement they make will increase their home’s value and usually more than pay for itself when they sell. This belief is true of some upgrades, but others can be a big cash sink that may even make it harder to sell the family home.

Décor Trends

One of the biggest ways to lower the value of a home—besides falling behind on maintenance, of course—is letting the décor become dated. Trendy exterior and interior paint or flooring can quickly fall out of favor, so you can share information about timeless trends for the big stuff and more ephemeral trends for the smaller changes that can be easily updated when it’s time to sell.

Sustainability Updates

With the prices of everything going up, homeowners are looking for ways to save. Sustainability upgrades can be a smart way to lower long-term energy costs. Look out for new improvements in solar or other energy-efficient options in your area. You may also hear about borrowers who have successfully saved money by making green upgrades. Share these ideas with your borrowers to get them thinking about how to make their homes more sustainable.

Supply Chain Information

Although this (we hope) won’t be an evergreen topic, many homeowners are putting off maintenance and upgrades because of the cost of materials and the delays in delivery. If you’ve partnered with any contractors for referrals, you might pick their brains to let your borrowers know how changes to the supply chain are affecting local projects. Your borrowers will love getting these updates.

How to Deliver This Content

Email is an efficient way to keep in touch and send these updates to your borrowers. Confirm you’ve gotten permission to add borrowers to your email list after closing so you can regularly send them these important updates. Monthly is a good option to ensure your borrowers remember you but not overburden them with emails they won’t have time to read.

You can also repurpose the news items for social media to help communicate with potential borrowers.

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