EPM - Kevin DeLory

Kevin DeLory

Chief Lending Officer

A Leader with a proven track record of delivering “top notch results” at every company I have been apart of. A Leader who is always in search of his next challenge.

My team-oriented approach to sales emphasizes a winning attitude and fosters an environment where accountability is king. The result? A team that consistently exceeds performance goals and expectations, and one that is experiencing an almost 100% growth over last year. A solid and verifiable track record for successfully increasing production on average 20-30%+ (company wide), and 60%+ on average (Division/Region) since I have been in a leadership role.

Over eighteen years of being a proven performer on the sales side has helped me relate to my sales team, and what they need to be the best they can be. Proven ability to mentor top performing sales teams which has followed, and trusted me over last eighteen years..

I have been recognized for the ability to lead the professional development of diverse individuals and support a team oriented approach. Promotes winning attitude and fosters accountability to consistently exceed performance goals and expectations. This has lead to me developing and maintaining the loyalty of my entire sales team.
Dynamic Recruiter. Able to fully staff from Account Executives to Underwriters

I am always in search of my next challenge. I truly believe a Leader should: know the way, go the way, and show the way.