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Assessing What Works: How to Gauge Which Marketing Methods are Most Effective

Jul 5, 2022

EPM Wholesale
EPM Wholesale Blog - How to Gauge Which Marketing Methods Work

Should you invest in pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization, content marketing, or something else? The answer might surprise you. With the advancement of technology and marketing, there are various ways to market your business today for a more successful brokerage company tomorrow.

Determining which marketing method works best for your business begins with knowing your target market. In addition, you need a solid marketing plan to engage with your target market in the spaces where they spend much of their time. Nowadays, that means getting acquainted with the different forms of social media if you haven’t done so already.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, and more. There are more social media channels than most of us know what to do with. In truth, though, not every social media channel is the best for advertising your brokerage company.

Instead of attempting to run the gamut, focus on where your target audience spends time and which make the most sense for you. If your audience spends much of their time on Facebook and Instagram but not Twitter, then the former two are where you should be, too.

Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay-Per-Click

Search engine optimization (SEO) employs the search terms your audience uses to help your content rank better in searches. You can use it with various types of digital marketing, such as content marketing, social media marketing, and even your website. SEO helps build your audience and boost your industry authority over time. It usually does not generate many leads overnight or over the short term.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is similar to SEO, but you pay every time someone clicks on your content. PPC is a fast way to generate leads, but it’s not the best choice for a long-term solution because search term rankings constantly change. Another company wanting to use the same search terms as you might outbid you on your PPC campaign. If that happens, your content will no longer rank as well.

So, which is best: SEO or PPC? Actually, you need both to optimize your marketing. Start with SEO. Add PPC. Your PPC campaigns will give you a short boost of ranking higher and potentially gaining leads quickly, while your SEO marketing will build your authority and earn your audience’s trust over the long term.

Content Marketing

Ironically enough, many of the types of online marketing we’ve already discussed are sub-types of content marketing. Content marketing includes all online content that you share:
• Blogs
• Videos
• Social posts
• Emails
• Infographics
• eBooks
• Case Studies and more

Content marketing often uses SEO, but some types of content marketing also use PPC. The point of content marketing is not to make a hard sell but rather to inform and provide value to your audience first. Think of it as more of a soft sell instead since it often uses backlinks and calls to action when appropriate.

There are many types of marketing to choose from. Most of the above are different forms of content marketing because content marketing is a huge lead driver when done right. Always focus on high-quality content instead of the alternative. Yes, you’ll pay more for higher quality, but most readers will notice the difference. As with any marketing campaign, always start small and build as your business grows.

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