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EPM - Empowering Technology
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A technology built with the Broker in mind.
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EPM CORE is a brand-new platform that allows you to manage your pipeline, create loans, upload documents, and more – available on any screen and any device.

EPM Core Values

We take great strides each and every day to make sure we are living our virtues to create a culture that is like no other in the industry. The culture at EPM comes directly from our Core Values and we use these values to drive our decisions which in turn drives our actions.

EPM Core Values

Show the way

Do the right thing always and honor your word. This is how you Show The Way as a leader.

EPM Core Values

Struggle well

Life will be a struggle, especially if you work in mortgage! Your success will be dependent on how you Struggle Well through the speedbumps that pop up on your journey.

EPM Core Values

Own Unique

Own Unique is about focusing on innovation. You can’t stand out by doing the same thing as everyone else. Be different!

EPM Core Values

Unify through collaboration

We are stronger together! Having an abundance mindset allows you to find success when you Unify Through Collaboration.

For Your Success

We are obsessed with putting our broker partners in the best position to succeed. Doing our part as a lender is just one part of the equation, the other part is giving brokers tools, tactics, and training to help grow their business and grab more market share.

Who we are

Empowering People More! That isn’t just a tagline for us, but it is infused in our DNA. We aren’t in business just to be another lender, but to change the lending landscape so that more people can experience the American Gift.

We Empower Our Brokers

Empowering your clients with choice is why brokers are better! With our broad spectrum of mortgage products, we empower brokers with the ability to help more people and serve their community’s housing needs.

Partner with us

Partnership is about trust. Our responsibility as your trusted partner goes well beyond just doing our job as your Wholesale Lender. Being a trusted partner means investing in your business as if it was our business, so that we do not lose sight of the people we are trying to help.

Our Reviews

We love when mortgage brokers are able to use our ALL-IN-ONE partnership to help grow their business.

“So glad to partner with EPM! I am loving the processing times and the communication! “
Cody Pyle

Broker Owner, Pyle Mortgage

“EPM has kicked it into HIGH GEAR!! Turn times are perfect! I love EPM!!“
Michelle (Miki) Gospodarek

Mortgage Broker, Smart Mortgage Centers

“EPM hits it out the park with exceptional service and communication! I am a very happy client!“
Robin Willard

Broker Owner, Motto Mortgage

“EPM has turned it around! They have regained my trust with their overhaul!“
Chris Miller

Mortgage Broker, Champion Home Loans